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We've put together a list of the most common questions we hear in one place.
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Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes! We’re happy to provide an exellent warranty for your digital LED sign. All of our products are covered by the same warranty. You can find all warranty information by clicking here.

How do I choose a local sign partner to install my sign?

Digital Signs Direct sells LED signs directly to our end consumers. However, it’s also our goal to help you form a relationship with your local sign company for a few reasons:

  • Your local sign partner will be ready to help you navigate your local zoning and permitting process.
  • Your local sign company will help you shape the overall structural design of your signage, including the LED sign.
  • At installation, your local sign company will be on-site to lend their expertise and answer your questions.
  • After your sign is in place, your local sign company will be
    available to help, should a service issue or question arise.

We can help refer you to a trained, experienced, and reliable installer who can help you shape your LED sign investment strategy right out of the gate.

How much should I budget for an LED sign?

Your LED sign purchase will involve several variables: sign size, color and display features, among others. Each of these will impact the total price tag. In general, though, the price of an LED sign is primarily driven by LED quality, density and color. The price of a quality product will usually run between $5,000 for a small, basic sign to as much as $25,000 for a larger full-color video display. Many business owners just beginning to learn about digital signage may be surprised at the investment required. But once they understand that LED signs provide timely, relevant, effective advertising, build their customer base, and provide quick, consistent return on investment, the wisdom of a digital sign purchase becomes clear. As a business owner becomes more educated about the features a quality product should include — fully encapsulated modules, all-aluminum cabinets, energy-efficient design, easy-to-use software, rigorous quality testing, personalized service and solid warranty protection — they will also understand that there is more to making a sound, smart LED sign investment than just the initial price tag.

What is the difference between color and monochrome?

Monochrome is just one color of LED lights. Full color has the entire spectrum of possible colors. When choosing between the two you’ll want to consider what will look best, your sign’s surroundings, and whether monochrome will still stand out.

What is pixel pitch and how do I choose the right one?

Pixel pitch is the size of the LED pixels and how tightly they are packed together. The tighter the pixels the more expensive but create a more vivid experience when viewers are typically closer to your sign. Pixels that are more spread out are less expensive and work well when viewers are further away. Think of pixel pitch as the resolution on your digital camera. When selecting a pixel pitch you’ll want to consider whether the resolution will be high enough for your viewers to see and respond to your advertising. You’ll also want to be mindful of whether you plan on showing images on your sign and the level of detail you want in those images.

How do I choose the right display size?

There is no correct answer to this question but there are some things to consider when making a decision.

  • How far away will viewers be from your sign?
  • What speed will traffic be passing your sign?
  • Will a certain size LED fit with you existing sign structure?
  • Do local ordinances set limits on the size of an LED sign?
  • How can you maximize the visual impact of your signage in a competitive market?
How do LED signs compare to other forms of advertising?

Regardless of the metric you use, LED signs are less expensive than almost any other form of advertising. It beats newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, the yellow pages, and more. And only LED signs can quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Want to advertise a back-to-school sale but didn’t make the decision until the last minute? Not a problem! With an LED sign you can just update your marketing message and you’re ready to go. To see the actual numbers about how LED signs stack up, click here.

Who should consider investing in an LED sign?

If your business or organization is visible from the highway or a busy street — whether it’s vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic or both — you should consider advertising with an LED sign. In addition, if you are already investing in more expensive advertising to reach potential customers, you should consider an LED sign. An LED sign is actually less expensive than other forms of advertising including TV, radio, newpapers, and print ads.

How does an LED sign work?

An LED sign works through a standard PC that connects to the sign through one of several methods. Our high-quality LED signs come with easy-to-use software that allows the user to create, schedule and update messages on the sign. The sign owner or a designated staff member will often manage the advertising featured on the LED sign. That person will choose and arrange text and images for each sign message. Once created, messages can be scheduled and updated right away or weeks or months in advance. Custom artwork and original ads can all be part of the messaging mix.

What is an LED sign?

An LED (light emitting diode) is an efficient, effective and ultrabright alternative to incandescent light bulbs. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs do not burn out because there is no filament. Instead they slowly dim over a long period of time (about 100,000 hours or 11+ years).

An LED sign is made up of individual panels — also called “modules” — that are about 12″ square. The modular design allows the signs to be configured to almost any size. LED signs are typically double-sided and are available in mono-chrome or full color.

LED signs are usually one component in a larger sign structure, as in the examples shown here. Messages can be programmed and scheduled easily using software installed on the computer that controls the sign.

Each module of an LED sign contains LEDs arranged in “pixels”. A high-quality color sign will typically have three LEDs per pixel: one red, one green and one blue. The distance between pixels determines the resolution of the sign. The closer pixels are together, the higher the resolution, or image quality, of the LED sign.

Why should I do research on LED signs before I buy?

The decision to invest in an LED sign should be driven by the business or organizational objectives you hope that investment will yield. An informed buyer can learn the right questions to ask and what features to consider. You might think this process is complex. Not to worry. Digital Signs Direct is here to help and we welcome any and all questions. We want to help you make your decision with confidence.

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